Oxeon to Introduce Texero UD Tape Reinforcement at JEC 2006

23 March 2006

As a natural step in Oxeon’s development, they will be introducing TeXero high quality dry UD-tape, suitable for any application where low weight and high stiffness in one direction is required, at JEC 2006.

TeXero tapes can be produced using carbon, aramid and/or glass fibres, whilst brittle fibres, such as boron, can also be incorporated. TeXero tapes are today produced between 20 and 50 mm and its areal weight corresponds with the degree of spreading and the type of fibre chosen. Tapes of high strength carbon fibres are available from 40 gsm.

TeXero is the outcome of over a year of development in both fibre spreading technology and stabilization methodology. The main focus has been on developing a dry narrow UD-reinforcement tape with consistent width, structural stability, uniform fibre distribution and, when using carbon, to be able to use heavier tows (12k, 24k or 48k) to obtain a lightweight tape.

Oxeon already uses TeXero for TeXtreme, its tape woven reinforcements. They will be exhibiting at stand R20.

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