New Capacity for Oxeon Materials

19 November 2006

Oxeon is investing in large scale capacity for their TeXtreme and TeXero materials, in response to the positive reaction to sample volumes of both materials by their customers.

Oxeon recently raised a new round of Venture Capital from among others Latour Industrier AB and are now expanding the business by investing in increased capacity. “The great interest in our products, the lack of lightweight carbon fibre fabrics on the market and our strong owners makes us believe we are in a great position to make life easier for composite manufacturers and end users,” said Oxeon’s Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Josefsson.

The technologies developed by Oxeon enable production of TeXtreme and TeXero from intermediate and heavy tows (12k and larger) in a wide range of areal weights. TeXtreme starts at ~80 g/m² (~2,36 oz/yd²) and TeXero at ~40 g/m² (~1,18 oz/yd²) and tape woven fabrics are produced in widths up to 1500 mm (~59”) while the UD tapes comes in widths up to 300 mm (~12”).

The new capacity will be in place towards the end of Q1 2007.

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