Masterbatches and Compounds are Based on Developments of Nanotechnology

19 November 2006

Electrovac has founded a new division, Electrovac Nanofibers, to produce and process carbon nanofibres.

Among other applications, the physical properties of carbon are used to enhance the properties of polymers in the form of (carbon nanofibre) CNF filled masterbatches and compounds. An Electrovac team of researchers and application engineers investigated how nano scaled additives add completely new material properties to polymers, and Electrovac now offers a range of polymers as masterbatches or compounds, some of these presented at the Fakuma exhibition for the first time. Amorphous polymers include SAN, ABS, PC, TPU and TPE, and semi-crystalline polymers encompass PE, PP, Nylon 6, Nylon 12, POM, PET and EVA. These polymers are filled with carbon nanofibres in minimal amounts, and they say that the result is a conductive material with better mechanical properties than the unmodified polymer.

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