Plastech to Introduce New Machine Developments

23 March 2006

Plastech will be introducing four new machine developments at JEC - Megaject New Auto Head, a Catalyst Flow Alarm system, VacuuM Station and Mono Vacuum Moulding.

All-pneumatic high output injection machines, complete with compact fully interlocked Auto Injection mixing Head featuring safe over pressure control, self priming ratio pumps, patented safe solvent pump system are all features now added to Plastech’s new range of resin meter mix injection machines.

Plastech say that human error eliminated when switching between recirculation and injection mode and that the new range of machines provide self monitoring of the automatic valve position should either the catalyst or resin head valves not activate correctly. These features have always been available on the company’s higher cost PLC machine models but are now included in their lower cost Megaject machine range. The company emphasizes that electronic control is more expensive and is often an overkill in design offering features adequately provided with safe pneumatics and do not meet with the new European ATEX safety requirements without further expense.

The second introduction is a simple Catalyst Flow Alarm system ""CATAL-CFA"", a system that is said to offer a new intrinsically safe concept in monitoring catalyst flow as well as being able to comply with ATEX directives now current in the European market.

VacuuM Station (VMS), another new innovation from Plastech, provides a complete low cost factory Vacuum system with newly designed installation kits. Plastech say that the system offers economic, simple, and rapid installation of an entire vacuum installation by the client, and that the innovative design eliminates the need for vacuum storage tanks and potential loss of vacuum on working moulds when others are being vacuumed closed. This in turn features rapid recovery of full vacuum in the event of major vacuum leak correction.

Mono Vacuum Moulding (MVM), a new moulding process, is also being presented for the first time at JEC and is the result of Plastech's continued development to bring closed mould technology to all composite moulders at an affordable price. Daily demonstrations of MVM will be conducted on Plastech’s Stand proving that closed mould production is now very affordable and thus available to any moulding company wishing to move forward and apply an alternative to open mould activity. Examples of Polyester, Epoxy and Phenolic parts produced using the MVM system will also be displayed.

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