Diatex Launch Multilayer System for Vacuum Moulding

23 March 2006

Diatex will be launching Vacuopeel, a multilayer system used for vacuum moulding of composite materials with techniques such as prepreg, wet lay-up, and thermoplastic.

Vacuum moulding of composite materials involves using a number of vacuum consumables that have an effect on the fabrication and quality. Some of these are used in successive layers, such as peel ply, perforated film, breather felt, and vacuum-bagging film. Standard procedures involve applying each one separately (e.g., peel ply, perforated film, breather felt), which can be difficult, especially when moulding is done against a vertical mould. This type of procedure can result in overlapping on very large parts, or even the omission of a layer. Overlapping can cause deformation on thin parts, creating weak areas, or it can affect the porosity of subsequent layers. Omissions can have dramatic consequences on the moulded part's final properties.

A solution to these problems was created by Diatex in 1991 in the form of Vacuoplex a multilayer system to be laid down on one side of the resin-saturated part or preform. The system combines the three above mentioned vacuum consumables into a three-layer unit: the peel ply layer on the bottom, adhering directly to the preform; the perforated film, permeable to resin and gases, as the next layer; and the breather/bleeder felt on top. This easy-to-use solution has eliminated the risk of overlap or of omitted layer.

Diatex has developed Vacuoplex even further and now offers Vacuopeel to allow moulders to leave the peel ply on until later - for example, just before assembly, painting, or some other operation

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