Imhotep Release AtenPly Thermoplastic Prepreg Range

04 November 2006

Imhotep has introduced AtenPly, a range of stock and bespoke continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite prepreg tapes.

Atenply is made direct from fibre rovings and thermoplastic melt using proprietary technology developed by Imhotep, producing light weight, high-strength, well impregnated, smooth tape with unidirectional continuous fibre reinforcement.

AtenPly can be made using standard continuous fibres, such as carbon, glass or aramid, with a variety of thermoplastic matrices, including polypropylene, polyethylene, PET, polyamides, PEEK and PPS as well as thermoplastic elastomers and biodegradable plastics such as polycaprolactone. The materials can incorporate additives for performance enhancement or improved aesthetics, and can be made in a range of widths, colours, and fibre volume fractions

Imhotep say that licences to manufacture are also available.

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