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Vistagy Renews Status as Supplier Renault F1

10 March 2006

Vistagy has renewed its status as an official supplier of specialized engineering software to the World Champion Renault F1 Team.

The Renault F1 Team used Vistagy’s FiberSIM software to design and manufacture composite parts for its R26 racecar, which the team launched in Monaco in January of 2006.

“The composite parts on our racecars must be strong, reliable, and built to strict FIA standards,” says Bob Bell, technical director for Renault F1 Team. “But we also have a gruelling production schedule to meet. There is no margin for error and we have no time for rework and up-front physical prototyping. We’ve been working with FiberSIM for more than three years, and it has helped our engineers increase our rate of composite ply lay-up on some parts by over 62 percent. The software is an essential tool for efficiently and successfully producing our composite components.”

“It has been an honour to sponsor Renault F1 Team for the past three years and especially during its championship season last year,” says Steven C. Luby, president and CEO of Vistagy. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Renault F1 Team and providing specialized software that makes their engineers more efficient as they make another drive toward the winner’s circle.”

The complex curves characteristic of racecar parts can present some challenges during manufacturing. FiberSIM enables Renault F1 Team engineers to simulate composite designs and select a manufacturing strategy that is best suited for their specific application. The software enables the team to generate flat patterns of plies for cutting machines, create documentation, and export data to laser projection machines that guide manual lay-up.

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