Sigmatex Acquisition Expands Carbon Fibre Conversion Technology

14 October 2005

Sigmatex, the world's largest independent carbon fibre converter, has acquired the UK manufacturing company, Heinsco Ltd to further its investment in technology.

Sigmatex, based in Cheshire, UK, are dedicated carbon fibre converters manufacturing and supplying a wide range of woven, non crimp and unidirectional fabrics to all market sectors. The company believe the acquisition of Heinsco, a unidirectional reinforcement manufacturer based in Lancashire, UK, will bring a range of new manufacturing technologies, which compliment those of Sigmatex and further enforce the company's lead in the market place.

The company also have a manufacturing plant in California, USA, Sigmatex Incorporated, which should also benefit from the additional technical expertise and new technologies, allowing the group to better serve its new and existing customer base.

The inclusion of Heinsco into the Sigmatex organisation has already begun and it is envisaged this transition will be fully complete by early 2006. Support for the accounts brought to the group by Heinsco will continue whilst existing customers of Sigmatex can benefit from the increased product offering provided by this new larger organisation.

""Sigmatex sees the inclusion of Heinsco and its technology as a positive step and believes this acquisition will benefit; not only its own business growth, but that of its customers, by offering all sectors of the composite market more, new and cost effective, product forms, helping to counter the current difficulties that exist in the carbon fibre market,"" added the company's Business Development Manager, Stephen Philipson.

Heinsco's current primary activities are in the manufacture and sale of woven and non-woven unidirectional reinforcements.

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