RTP Company Introduces Long Fibre Concentrate with 80 percent Glass Loading

07 October 2005

The RTP Company has introduced a Long Fibre (LF) Concentrate with 80 percent glass-loading by weight, the highest LF concentrate available in the industry.

""Increasing the glass-loading level decreases the amount of concentrate required during blending, which results in substantial cost reductions for the processor,"" commented Karl Hoppe, Product Development Engineer at RTP Company. ""Our product also allows for a much simpler blending process compared to other concentrates that may only be available at a 60% or 70% level.""

RTP Company said that their LF Concentrate provides customers with a significant competitive advantage in cost savings and processability. Superior dispersion allows materials with varying melt flow rates to be blended together. Adjusting LF glass-loadings directly at the machine enables processors to customize blends to meet specific properties, such as stiffness, impact, and strength. Additional benefits include reduced lead-times for sampling and production of varying glass level products from suppliers. Also taken into consideration should be the utilization of in-house regrind of unfilled, reinforced, or otherwise scrap resin.

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