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Fybroc Expand FRP Pump Technology Supply Chain

07 October 2005

Met-Pro Corporation's Fybroc Division, manufacturer of non-metallic FRP centrifugal pump technology, has entered into an agreement with Goulds Pumps, supplier of centrifugal pumps to the industrial process markets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Goulds Pumps will act as a key distributor of Fybroc's line of FRP horizontal and vertical centrifugal pump products. The agreement is global in geography and valid across all markets, with the exception of some specifically stated exclusions.

Fybroc will hope to benefit from this agreement as the Goulds Pumps sales network will provide opportunities to Fybroc in markets where Fybroc's participation was previously limited. The more extensive and competitive non-metallic FRP Fybroc product line will also provide Goulds Pumps with advantages against its key competitors that do not exist today with the current Goulds FRP product line. As part of this agreement, Goulds Pumps will discontinue the manufacture of its FRP horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps, but will maintain its commitment to supply spare parts and service to its existing product population.

""The combination of Fybroc, the leading manufacturer of non-metallic fibreglass reinforced plastic centrifugal pump technology, and Goulds Pumps, the leading supplier of centrifugal pumps to the industrial process markets, is a formidable alliance that will undoubtedly strengthen both companies' positions in the non-metallic centrifugal pump market,"" stated De Hont. ""We are committed to making this new relationship between Fybroc and Goulds Pumps a success not only for both companies, but for all of our business partners as well. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.""

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