AOC, DSM and CCP Increase Resin Prices

07 October 2005

Resin producers, AOC, DSM and Cooks Composites and Polymers (CCP), are to increase the prices of their products later this month.

AOC will increase prices by US $0.09 per pound on all products sold in the United States and Canada shipped on or after October 20, 2005.

DSM Composite Resins, Europe’s largest unsaturated polyester resin producer, is increasing the prices of all its unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoat products for shipments on or after October 15th , 2005. All unsaturated polyester resin and gelcoats products will be increased with 100 EURO/ton.

CCP will make a $0.09 per pound increase on CCP unsaturated polyester resin and gel coat materials will take effect for products shipped on or after October 23, 2005.

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