Vibration Testing Proves CTC’s Composite Conductor Cable Longevity

02 September 2005

Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) has successfully completed its Aeolian Vibration Test performed on its proprietary Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) to test the cable longevity.

CTC, developer of high-performance composite core cables for electric transmission and distribution systems, said that the test was conducted by Kinectrics North America Inc., an independent test facility, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Craig Pon, Principal Mechanical Test Engineer at Kinectrics stated, ""One-hundred million cycles at the tested conditions represent 30-50 years of vibration in the field."" The test clearly demonstrated that the ACCC carbon fibre composite core and the associated hardware can provide CTC customers with worry-free performance.

The Aeolian Vibration Test is designed to simulate vibration caused by wind passing over bare overhead conductors. The conductor was vibrated at peak-to-peak amplitude of one-third the conductor diameter and a frequency of about 30 HZ for 100 million cycles. CTC's ACCC cable also passed Galloping Tests performed at PLP (Preformed Line Products) earlier this year that recreated higher velocity changes in wind patterns, including those created by microbursts.

""Once again these tests demonstrate the strength, endurance, and overall effectiveness of CTC's composite core technology,"" said Benton Wilcoxon, CEO of CTC. ""As we continue to demonstrate the superior characteristics of ACCC cable, market acceptance of CTC products continues to grow. This particular test is very significant in that it conclusively proves that our carbon fibre composite core is not susceptible to degradation by vibration.""

Full results of this particular test and all completed tests on ACCC cable can be found here from the Technology Library at the Company's Web site.

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