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LM Glasfiber Secures Global Blade Contract with Gamesa Eólica

25 June 2006

LM Glasfiber has concluded a long-term strategic supply agreement with Gamesa Eólica., one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers.

Under the three year supply agreement, LM Glasfiber will supply Gamesa Eólica with blades custom-designed for the 2 MW Gamesa G87 wind turbine from factories in Spain and the USA. The agreement will see LM Glasfiber produce over 1,000 MW of blades for Gamesa Eólica. The agreement will be followed by an expansion of LM Glasfiber’s manufacturing facilities in the USA. Production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2006.

Søren F. Knudsen, Sales and Marketing Director of LM Glasfiber, said: ""This is an exciting development for LM Glasfiber and we look forward to working closely with Gamesa Eólica to assist them in their ambition for a global presence. We’ve been engaged in design and production discussions with Gamesa for some time, so the conclusion of these discussions by the signing of a long-term agreement is excellent news. The supply agreement increases our long term order visibility. We are also pleased to exploit our expertise and know-how. For Gamesa, it provides a valuable, exploitation of LM Glasfiber’s technical capabilities and global reach.’’

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