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FRP Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems

11 November 2005

Koch Membrane Systems has launched a new range of reverse osmosis (RO) elements and fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) pressure vessels for seawater desalination applications.

The capacity of the 18-inch diameter and 61-inch long MegaMagnum spiral elements, housed in FRP pressure vessels, is claimed to dramatically improve the economics of medium and large-scale seawater desalination projects.

The new 18-inch pressure vessel has been specifically designed for the high pressure requirements of seawater desalination RO. A prototype of the 1200 PSIG pressure vessel has been tested to 7200 PSIG, which is six times the original design pressure, and successfully withstood the high pressure without bursting or failing, which is one of the main requirements of ASME Section X for FRP pressure vessel design qualification.

The 18-inch pressure vessels will come complete with field-proven enclosure technology, along with mechanical closure and retention mechanisms made of seawater-resistant materials. This successful end-closure design is now being incorporated into sideport and multiple port configurations to finalize the imminent ASME Section X testing and certification.

For the 1200 PSIG pressure vessel development and fabrication, KMS selected Bekaert Progressive Composites, located in Vista, California and Mungia Spain.

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