PlastiComp to Introduce New Pushtrusion Direct In-Line Compounding Platforms at NPE.

18 June 2006

PlastiComp will unveil two commercial platforms for Pushtrusion Direct In-Line Compounding technology at NPE 2006 - as an original equipment option on new moulding machines and as a portable unit that can easily be retrofit to an existing moulding machine.

Engel Machinery will make Pushtrusion technology available as an option on their “Combi” series injection moulding machines. These introductory machines are based upon the 300 ton press and may include the added advantage of injection compression. The Engel “plug and play” integration of Pushtrusion technology enables moulders with flexibility to choose between pre-compounded pellets and direct in-line compounding on the same machine.

MGS Mfg. Group has developed portable Pushtrusion units that can connect to an installed injection machine for added versatility of an existing asset. These portable, self contained Pushtrusion compounding units may be designed to include a range of shot sizes from 3 – 160 ounces. An example of a commercial Pushtrusion unit will be on display in the MGS Mfg. Group booth at NPE.

“We project a very large market potential for Pushtrusion, and we are confident that our customers will appreciate the flexibility to choose between either of these platforms to best suit their circumstances and business practices” said Steve Bowen, President and CEO of PlastiComp LLC

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