Key Milestone Achieved 0n Satellite

11 November 2005

Lockheed Martin has successfully completed static loads testing of the second Advanced Extremely High Frequency (EHF) satellite structure, which validated the satellite's strength and ability to sustain its launch weight of over 13,000 pounds.

The successful test, conducted by a team of engineers from Lockheed Martin Space Systems and ATK, demonstrated with high confidence that the structure can carry the physical loads it will experience during the satellite's manufacturing, launch and operation in geosynchronous orbit. Advanced EHF satellites are based on Lockheed Martin's flight-proven A2100 spacecraft series.

""The team has achieved another important milestone in the development of this critical program,"" said Julie Sattler, vice president, Lockheed Martin Space Systems. The team delivered the structure to Lockheed Martin's facilities in Sunnyvale, California, to begin a modal survey, which will ensure that sources of vibration such as reaction wheels, solar arrays and various deployable and steerable mechanisms will not impact the critical mission of the communications payload.

Production of the first Advanced EHF spacecraft structure is also progressing and has started acceptance testing prior to integration with the satellite's propulsion subsystem components.

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