FACT Expansion Aims to Double LFT Production Capacity

04 November 2005

FACT Future Advanced Composites and Technology (FACT) is to double its capacity in long fibre thermoplastics, creating 30 new jobs in the process.

FACT state that the demand for Factor-Lfts is increasing due to the materials high strength and rigidity, excellent temperature and ease of recycling. The company also add that it is these qualities make the long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics extremely attractive both for injection moulding as well as for extrusion, press moulding and blow moulding applications.

Dr. Tapio Harmia, FACT company manager, asserted that ""we want to become the European market leader for LFT compounds"".

In concrete terms this means that FACT GmbH will double its production capacity from 10,000 to 20,000 tons in 2006, creating 30 new jobs in the process. The company is currently acquiring the space required for its planned expansion, as the capacity available in the old plant is no longer sufficient. The foundation stone for the new building in the industrial estate in north of the city of Kaiserslautern will already be laid in October of this year. The move to the new production facilities and offices will be completed by mid-2006. An alternative site was never seriously considered when planning the new building and relocation: ""We will remain faithful to the region as Kaiserslautern offers us the best preconditions – both in terms of its infrastructure and its proximity to the technical university, providing us with the up-and-coming generation of qualified staff"", explains Dr. Harmia.

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