Ashland Presents Technology Workshops at IBEX Show

27 October 2005

Advances in technology that can improve production and help maintain regulatory compliance were the subjects of two workshops being presented by Ashland Composite Polymers.

The workshops were part of the International Boat Builders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) held in Miami Beach earlier this week.

New developments in Ashland’s resin technology now provide Class A results in closed-moulded operations including infusion, cold-press moulding and resin-transfer moulding. Ashland’s room-temperature AROPOL resins, combined with NEULON low-profile additives, create Class A surfaces that provide award-winning appearance straits in marine applications. A presentation on this resin technology was held Oct.18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Ashland also brought its regulatory expertise to IBEX with a workshop that assisted manufacturers in their efforts to comply with the new maximum achievable control technology (MACT) for hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). New gelcoat formulations coupled with process changes can help lower HAPs. The techniques surrounding these processes were presented on Oct. 21 also at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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