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Microphase Coatings Launches New Resins and Coatings

09 June 2006

Microphase is launching three new families of high performance resins and coatings built on work performed for the US Military.

Thermablock 2.3 and NANO are thermal barriers which Microphase say can withstand 2000 degrees F and do not generate smoke. Thermablock 2.3 is an excellent insulator and Nano is a very hard top coat. Thermablock FRC is a resin with the same fire barrier propertie, that can be used in closed moulding and prepreg processes.

The company has also launched Phasecoat UFR and Bare Bottom which are new, environmentally friendly foul-release and non-foul marine bottom coatings that contain no metals. Micophase say that all products exhibit excellent adhesion and can be sprayed or rolled with conventional equipment.

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