Major Ambulance Order for UVModular.

09 June 2006

Over the next two years the Scottish Ambulance Service will take delivery of up to 180 Volkswagen LT46 coach-built GRP-bodied ambulances.

The Volkswagen LTs are replacing the Scottish Ambulance Service’s older Mercedes-Benz and Ford A&E ambulances. UV Modular of Brighouse in West Yorkshire, the UK’s leading supplier of coach-built emergency vehicles, builds the Volkswagen LT46 ambulances. On to the chassis of the Volkswagen LT46, UV Modular constructs a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) body with steel frame. The vast array of equipment fitted includes air conditioning; sophisticated electrical power management equipment; communications equipment; and a large quantity of medical and patient-caring apparatus.

’Since purchasing our first batch of Volkswagen LT46 ambulances in 2002, we’ve been very impressed with their performance as frontline A&E units’ said Mike Jackson, the General Manager of Fleet Service for Scottish Ambulance. ‘In addition to the quality engineering and efficient operating costs of the LT46, we’ve received excellent support from Volkswagen and its dealers in Scotland’.

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