Price Increases for Dow Epoxy Peroxymeric Chemical Products

04 June 2006

Dow Epoxy is increasing prices globally for Peroxymeric Chemical (PXC) products.

From July 1, 2006 they will increase list and off-list prices for their Cyracure and ERL Cycloaliphatic Epoxides by $0.20/lb in Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America and by 350 Euro per metric ton in Europe. Prices will not increase for ERL-4299 and UVR-6128.

From June 15 they will also increase list and off-list prices for all Tone Caprolactone products by $0.15/lb in Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America and by 250 Euro per metric ton in Europe. This increase is in addition to the 10 percent increase Dow recently announced for Tone ECEQ Monomer in Asia Pacific.

Dow said the increases are driven primarily by surging feedstock, energy and transportation costs.

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