JEC Composites Show 2006: Composites for Better Living

12 December 2005

The JEC Composites Show 2006 will be focusing on composites that make for better living, quality of life and innovations that have allowed for composites to be integrated into our daily life.

“From bicycles or satellites to air, land and sea transport applications, not to mention sectors such as construction, industry and energy, composites are constantly transforming our world,” says JEC General Manager Frédérique Mutel. “Sooner or later, all sectors will be turning to composite materials – when appropriate – for their unique properties: low weight, strength, corrosion resistance, design freedom, acoustic properties, thermal insulation, etc. They make our daily life easier.”

“Quality is obtained by controlling all design aspects (characterisation of materials thanks to computer-aided design tools and analysis software) and improving the overall manufacturing of parts (processing technologies, testing, costs, etc.).”

“The composites industry is pursuing an environmentally-friendly approach by optimising how materials are used, employing closed-mould processes and applying recycling solutions, not to mention the indirect benefits of using composites in terms of saving energy resources for example by making vehicles lighter. All the latest developments will be highlighted at the JEC Composites Show 2006.”

JEC says that all segments of the composites industry will be represented at the Show, which is the annual meeting place for thermoplastic and thermoset producers, carbon, glass and aramid fibre manufacturers, semi-finished product manufacturers, and processors. “The 2006 Show will reflect the dynamics of companies that have moved onto bigger exhibiting surfaces mirroring their expansion, after having started off with small stands. In 2006, users will discover an expo platform consolidated by new companies from the following sectors: space, telecommunications, construction and industrial applications,” adds Frédérique Mutel. “In order to free up an extra 1,000 m² in the hall for new exhibitors without having to reduce aisles and public areas, it was decided to hold all six Forums in the “Espace 2000” area on the first floor of the hall,” underlines Frédérique Mutel.

The following services will be available to visitors to the JEC Composites Show 2006:

- Thematic itineraries, including 6 topical villages and 6 forums (Aerospace, Automotive, Building & Construction, Mass Transportation, Marine, Natural Fibres).
- The SME’s Discovery and Education & Skills Villages.
-- The Process and NICT Villages.
-- The Demo Zone, the Design Agora and the Innovation Showcase.
-- 100 technical conferences organised in partnership with SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering).
-- The Press Service, networking with more than 500 publications worldwide.

“The JEC Composites Show 2006 will be a festive one, as we will be celebrating the History of Composites and 50 years of innovation. This unique celebration to which the composites industry is invited will be honouring both technological developments from the past and innovations of today.”

The JEC Composites show will be held from 28-30 March 2006 in Paris, France.

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