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Reichhold and AOC Make Further Price Increases

06 July 2006

Reichhold and AOC will both increase prices by US $0.05 per pound on all products sold in North America later this month.

Reichhold has announced a price increase of $ 0.05 per pound on all unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins sold in North America for the composites industry. This increase is in addition to the one announced in May and is effective for all orders shipped on or after July 24.

“This increase has been necessitated by escalating raw material costs for unsaturated polyester resins which are being driven primarily by increased and sustained crude oil prices,” said Al Naser, Reichhold vice president of sales, composites North America. “Benzene prices, which have a direct impact on the cost of styrene, have continued to rise, and tight supply continues to push up the prices of phthalic anhydride, glycols, and other major raw materials,” Naser continued.

“Reichhold is making every effort to limit the impact of raw material costs upon product pricing, and appreciates the understanding of its customers,” Naser said. “We continue to invest in research and development along with manufacturing upgrades to meet the needs of our customers and the markets they serve,” he concluded.

AOC will also increase prices by US $0.05 per pound on all products sold in North America shipped after July 21.

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