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Dow Corning Adds New Coupling Agent

02 December 2005

Dow Corning has released a new silane coupling agent which it claims increases initial and wet strengths of glass-filled polyester and other resin systems.

The new Dow Corning Z-6172 Silane, a Vinyl-tris-(2-methoxyethoxy) silane coupling agent, is also said to provide improved dispersion of mineral fillers in EPDM rubbers and thermoplastic resins, as well as optimize electrical and physical properties of mineral-filled elastomers and plastics. Applications include treatment of Aluminum Trihyrdrate (ATH), Magnesium Dihydrate (MDH) and clays used in wire and cable.

Dow Corning Z-6172 Silane is reactive in both free radical and hydrosilation chemistry, and has an organic reactive vinyl group and inorganic reactive methoxyethoxysilyl groups. The alkoxysilyl groups react to form siloxane bonds both to inorganic surfaces and materials, and also to other silane molecules to form a crosslinked network. The vinyl group participates in the peroxide cure chemistry of the resin or elastomer system.

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