Pentair Expands China Market Penetration through Manufacturing and Distribution Joint Venture

02 July 2006

Pentair has acquired 70 percent of the equity of Beijing Jieming Tiandi Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of fibreglass-reinforced plastic pressure tanks, disc filters, valve and systems used in water filtration, softening, and systems applications.

""Through this transaction, Pentair Water gains greater local market knowledge and engineering capabilities for commercial and industrial systems integration initiatives in China, and significantly expands its access to an effective distribution network of more than 150 engineering product companies,"" said Richard Cathcart, Pentair vice chairman. ""Further, we will secure new products including disk filtration systems and low-cost mechanical valves and tanks tailored to the systems integration segment and to China's local market needs.""

The joint venture will include sales offices in Yixing, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangdong (Dongguan), and Xi'an in China.

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