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Research Grant to Adapt Carbon Fibre for Improved Air Pollution

22 July 2005

The Edison Materials Technology Center has awarded $283,000 to a research team for a project designed to determine if carbon fibres can be adapted to improve air pollution control equipment at electricity generating plants and industrial boilers.

The project is designed to show whether the carbon nanofibres could work in a fibreglass composite material that could improve performance of electrostatic precipitators.

The devices are used to reduce pollutants from coal-fired power plants and boilers operated by the chemical, pulp and paper industries. If the project's first phase is successful, the research team could develop the technology for the market or use it for their individual needs.

The precipitators separate dust pollutants from gas emissions by using an electrostatic charge, so the project's goal is to develop a low-cost, fibreglass composite that could conduct electricity.

Iten Industries, of Ashtabula, will lead the project. Also participating are Ohio University, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Applied Sciences Inc. of Cedarville, National Composite Center of Kettering and Southern Environment.

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