New Collaboration in Sizings & Binders

19 February 2006

DSM Composite Resins (Sizing & Binders) has expanded its Neoxil product range for the glass fibre industry by close cooperation with DSM NeoResins.

Last month DSM Sizing & Binders extended its Neoxil product portfolio with new sizing and binding grades for the glass fibre production industry, developed and manufactured by DSM NeoResins in a new cooperation between the two business units.

As Remko Goudappel, Business Director, Sizings & Binders commented: “this is the start of an important collaboration between our two businesses which will result in a new range of innovative products being introduced to the glass fiber market during the course of this year.”

DSM Sizing & Binders and DSM NeoResins have made an agreement for development in the field of polyurethane - and polyacrylate chemistry for applications in thermoplastic glass fibre reinforced applications. The agreement includes cooperation in technical support, R&D, and manufacturing (including plants in Europe and the US). Neoxil will remain the dedicated name for products to the glass fibre industry, while NeoResins will pursue other markets including specialty coatings and adhesives.

Henk van de Wiel, Business Director, DSM Neoresins added: “we are continually exploring synergies with other business units to exploit specialist niche markets. Our cooperation with DSM Sizings & Binders is an excellent example of how we are channeling these synergies to most effectively meet the needs of our customers.”

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