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Knight & Carver in Agreement to Increase Blade Production

29 July 2005

Knight & Carver's Wind Blade Division has completed an exclusive licensing agreement with German firm Euros GmbH to build and market EU-51 Wind Blades, with an option to build other blades of up to 150.

Knight & Carver’s agreement with Euros GmbH, one of Europe’s leading wind-blade manufacturers, will provide its current customers with an estimated 30 to 60 blades each year, starting in January 2006.

The company, who are more traditionally known as rebuilders and refitters of yachts, will also provide wind-blade engineering technology and testing data to Euros GmbH. The new blades will be designed for wind farms both in the U.S. and Canada, serving as replacements for blades that have been destroyed, damaged or rendered irreparable by bad weather, attrition or other causes.

Several thousand of these blades – as part of 750 kilowatt turbines – already produce low-cost energy at numerous wind farms throughout the United States and Europe. Euros GmbH’s blade production facility is headquartered in Poland, servicing the European market.

“We are pleased to partner with Euros GmbH in this project,” said Knight & Carver’s Blade Division Manager Gary Kanaby, who will serve as Project Manager, joined Knight & Carver’s Leo Martinez as Production Manager. “This allows us the opportunity to enter the replacement blade market sooner than we had originally anticipated – with a proven product.”

Production of the EU-51 blades will take place at Knight & Carver’s bayfront facility in National City, CA, located several miles south of San Diego, CA, and will continue indefinitely.

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