Eurocopter Airframe Production to Take Place at HAL

17 December 2006

HAL is to become a first line partner for the global supply chain of Eurocopter’s Ecureuil and Fennec, for both metallic and composite components.

Norbert Ducrot, Eurocopter Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing -Asia Pacific said “HAL and Eurocopter are familiar with each other, having worked together in a trustful relationship for more than 40 years. Since the 1960s, HAL has manufactured around 600 Chetaks and Cheetahs, the predecessors to the Ecureuil/Fennec aircraft, under license from Eurocopter. The new Ecureuil work packages to be processed by HAL are expected to give jobs to up to 150 specialised Indian workers and technicians in Bangalore for more than 10 years”.

Eurocopter is contracting technologies in metal and composite work to its partner HAL, helping to ensure that the relatively high production rate of all Ecureuil versions - one Ecureuil (civil) or Fennec (military) leaves the final assembly line every 2 days.

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