New Valve Gate Cylinders to Maximise Glass Fibre Length

06 April 2006

Synventive Molding Solutions has developed two types of valve gate cylinders for hot runner systems that improve the ability to retain maximum glass fibre length in the moulded part.

Synventive say that their system is suited to all types of long fibre processing, whether it be from pellets, master batch glass concentrates or direct, continuous fibre compounding, enabling the part designer and processor greater flexibility to optimize performance and lower cost.

The valve gate cylinders – HYC 4018 and PNC 7518 –are suited to both hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The increased cross section and optimized edge design, in combination with the large melt flow channel, reduces stress at the gates by minimizing pressure therefore reducing shear.

The strive to retain maximum fibre length is a result of the continuing demand of end users to take advantage of the comprehensive benefits in performance such as reduced shrinkage, warpage, creep, anisotropy and linear thermal expansion. More important than ever, the resulting potential for smaller wall thicknesses can not only help to save product weight but also to minimize the required cooling times in the manufacturing process, leading to higher productivity.

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