Diab to Double US Foam Capacity

03 December 2006

Diab has added resources in property, plant and equipment with the goal of doubling Divinycell foam capacity by May 2007.

The company has invested millions in product re-formulations, equipment additions and modifications and plant space at DeSoto in order to reach this goal. For example, the extensive re-formulation of Divinycell H grade has improved its mechanical properties as well as resulting in more efficient production. The experiences learned in modifying H grade are being applied to the manufacture of Divinycell HP and Divinycell HT. Both products are temperature resistant foam cores designed to be processed at temperatures up to 138degC (280degF) with various prepreg systems.

In January 2007 Diab’s recently expanded kit line will also come on-stream, increasing the capacity and capability of fabricating Divinycell into customer specified shapes.

Diab had already added new production space in September 2006 and since then has leased additional office and manufacturing space.

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