New Developments in Powder Prepregging

20 January 2006

PC Composites (PCC) have undertaken a series of process developments aimed at reducing the basic cost of the powder prepregging process using the Enhanced Flow Electro Static Powder Deposition (EFESPD) developed and patented by them

According to PCC, until now the average powder diameter was limited to below 100 microns, and higher diameter particles gave only low powder content prepregs. Due to recent developments the limit of 100 microns was increased to 250 microns, so the cost of the grinding step to prepare the powder was much reduced. Further efforts are aimed at increasing the powder diameter to 500 microns.

The process of preparing powderpregs by the PCC process is based on two chambers (left and right) each one controlled separately. This basic design also enables the PCC powder prepregging process to produce hybrid prepregs having two different resins - one on each side. Consequently, composites made of two different thermoplastics, two different thermosets or even one thermoplastic and one thermoset are achievable, to give synergistic strength and impact properties.

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