New Closed Moulding Training DVD: Video Report

20 January 2006

Andre Cocquyt has released a new closed moulding technology training DVD, the third in a series of in-depth training DVDs for closed moulding.

The focus of the new DVD is on the emergence of Closed Moulding Technology. It offers a comprehensive view of available methods, such as the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) IP, Silicone Bags, Light Resin Transfer Moulding (Light RTM), etc. for the production of tools and parts. Another section is dedicated to designing tooling for closed mold processes. The “B”-side mould, the most important mould side in all closed mould processes, gets reviewed with details on seals, geometry and other important aspects.

“The content of the new DVD exceeds our expectations, there’s much more information included than we had anticipated,” says Greg Shymske, VP of Marketing for Composites One. “At Airtech, we were impressed with the technical quality of the footage,” adds Dave Ciotta, Sales Manager for the marine market at Airtech, “It will really offer those hoping to make the switch to closed moulding some excellent perspective.”

DVD Preview

Courtesy GRPGuru

The production of the DVD took over six months and, with the focus on training shop floor people, Cocquyt decided that the only way to show the intricate details of the different closed moulding techniques would be to film the construction of real moulds and real parts.

“I was perhaps a bit over-ambitious,” admits Cocquyt. “There is no take two when you’re doing real time footage of building tooling or composite parts, and we hit a couple of hard spots, but the end product was worth the extra time and effort. This DVD complements the previously released VIP DVD, which has assisted hundreds of companies use closed mould processes.”

Cocquyt further added, “In the new product I tried to answer a lot of follow-up questions about the finer points of different methods. The Closed Molding Technology DVD will be very useful for the technicians who have started with any of the closed moulding processes, but are still experiencing the learning curve.”

According to Cocquyt, the new DVD or the previously released VIP Full and VIP Lite DVDs will allow any manufacturer with basic fibreglass experience make the switch to closed moulding without further training.

Airtech, Arkema, Alcan Baltek, Chemtrend, CPD, Colbond, Composites One, CCP, Duratec, Lantor, Owens Corning and Parabeam all contributed with extensive support to the production of this DVD which was filmed on location in large production boat shops and the Cocquyt’s facility in Stuart, Florida. The entire DVD was shot in High Definition by Jumbybay Studios,

You can find more info on the Closed Molding Technology DVD, with an excerpt from the DVD, which is available to buy through the NetComposites stores at the link below.

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