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Maintenance-Free Composite Doors

25 August 2006

Octaveward, who specialise in major building components in GRP and other advanced materials, have introduced Samson composite doors.

Samson composite doors have three major elements; inner and outer moulded GRP facings, inner frames of a high density composite material and a core of rigid polyurethane foam that fills the void completely and bonds to all surfaces.

Doors can be made to suit virtually any frame size and there are many styles of door available, including simulated wood finishes and bold permanent colours, including both solid and glazed models. Clients also have a pultruded GRP frame.

In addition to taking everyday knocks from prams, cycles and removal men they have been subject to severe attack and weathering tests and are approved by the police under the ‘Secured by Design’ standard. They also address the need for sustainability with maximum heat loss rates of 2Watts per m² per degree C of temperature difference between inner and outer leaf. In many cases, depending on the design selected, rates will be even lower.

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