Comtek Develops New Composite Technology

20 January 2006

Comtek Advanced Structures has introduced its new resin infusion technology, called SmartFlow, which it says it is in the process of incorporating into part designs for new aircraft programs.

""These developments mark the culmination of a multi-million dollar research and development effort,"" according to Alistair Davie, Comtek's Chief Technology Officer. ""Our R&D team headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada has worked closely with noted researchers at Canadian universities including McGill, UBC, Waterloo and McMaster, and with the Canadian National Research Council, to develop leading-edge technology that gives Comtek a distinct competitive advantage in the manufacture and repair of aircraft structural and interior parts made from advanced composite materials. Comtek's new technology bypasses conventional composite manufacturing infrastructure to produce high quality, highly loaded structural parts in less time using less energy. The reduction in capital and operating costs results in major savings for our customers and a significant competitive advantage for Comtek in our target markets.""

Comtek has filed core patent protection directed to this technology, and says that it will extend this protection internationally in the coming months as part of its global intellectual property strategy. The company specializes in advanced composites applications for the international aerospace and defence market, with facilities in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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