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Wood Composites Available in Colours

13 January 2006

Composatron Composite Technology is now offering homebuilders, contractors and their customers a choice of six colours, as well as white, for their wood composites railing products

The composite railings, part of Composatron’s Premier-brand product line, are available in cedar, sand, mahogany, light grey, slate grey and redwood colours. Composatron are using BASF’s Luran S ASA, a specialty plastic that provides long-term colour stability in a wide range of colours in railing, siding and fencing applications as a capstock over vinyl and vinyl-wood composites

“Composite railings last longer and are easier to maintain than wood, but for years it was difficult to produce colour railings that would not fade. Given the strong reputation that our white railings have achieved in the marketplace, we knew that any extensions to our product line would have to meet our stringent standards for quality and durability. We needed a capstock that delivered outstanding weathering performance, without fading or chalking,” said Jim Pratt, head of research and development and product technology for Composatron.

“Like all of the specialty plastics in our PlasticsPlus portfolio, Luran S ASA has unique features that enable our customers to bring innovative products to market. Luran S ASA is tough and resistant to chemicals, and has proven to be colorfast in a wide range of applications,” said Herman Savenije, Business Director of BASF’s Styrenic Copolymers in North America.

Additional grades of Luran S ASA resin are currently being used in other building and construction applications such as door cladding, door lights, windows and exterior trim, and is being targeted for decking or any other profile applications that require low gloss.

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