Liquidlogic and Milliken Introduce New Lightweight Kayaks

14 August 2006

Milliken has said that the first MFT (Moldable Fabric Technology) product to be introduced is a kayak in partnership with Liquidlogic.

Liquidlogic's new MFT Sojourn 14 weighs a mere 35 pounds, whereas a comparable boat made from ABS materials weighs 55 pounds. At the same time, Milliken say that MFT provides superior impact performance compared to current materials on the market, including polyethylene (PE), ABS, and glass and aramid composites.

MFT is made from a co-extruded polypropylene tape yarn with a highly drawn core for strength properties within a lower melt polymer matrix for composite processing. The tape yarn is woven into a fabric, and multiple layers of fabric are stacked and consolidated with heat and pressure to form rigid sheets. The thickness of the sheets depends on the number of layers of fabric in the structure.

""Liquidlogic is known for its cutting-edge design and quality,"" said Todd Kleman, product manager for Milliken. ""They've created a line of kayaks that deliver a new level of performance with the most important features paddlers are looking for -- durability and stiffness, but with less weight. The Sojourn 14 kayak represents the first of many design opportunities that MFT offers to the kayak industry and other manufacturers of recreational equipment.""

""MFT is truly a breakthrough technology for kayakers,"" said Woody Callaway, director of marketing for Liquidlogic. ""It has enabled us to develop a significantly more durable, yet lighter weight boat at a very attractive price point.""

Milliken demonstrated the new Liquidlogic MFT kayaks at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2006 tradeshow and demo days in Salt Lake City, August 8-13, 2006. The Sojourn 14 MFT kayak will be available at retail next year.

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