DuPont Increases Kevlar Production Capacity

06 January 2006

In response to growing market demand, DuPont is increasing its Kevlar supply capacity with an expansion project at the Maydown, Northern Ireland site, which is scheduled to come on stream in 2006

“Global demand for DuPont Kevlar has soared with the need for safety and security worldwide. This increased capacity expansion is a critical step in growing the Kevlar business, maintaining our leadership in the performance fibres market and delivering the innovation customers expect from us. This increase is another one in a series of expansions that demonstrate how much value customers around the world have for DuPont Kevlar. Increasing production capacity will help us continue to meet the growing needs of our customers in all regions and across the entire Kevlar product line,” said Jeroen B. Jacobs, who recently became business manager for the Kevlar Life Protection business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Kevlar is also marking its 40th anniversary this year. One innovation in DuPont Life Protection portfolio is shown by the development of M5, an ultra-high-strength performance fibre. As a next generation material in protective applications, M5 is said to contain unique attributes of strength, stiffness, and resistance to high temperatures. While still under development, the material is said to have a range of potential uses to enhance protection of military, law enforcement, fire fighters and industrial workers, and also to address high-performance industrial applications.

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