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AIMPLAS establishes Spanish Association of Composites Industries

06 January 2006

To improve the position of the Spanish companies in the market, AIMPLAS has established AESICOM – the Agrupación Española de Industriales de Composites (Spanish Association of Composites Industries).

AIMPLAS (Technological Institute for Plastics) have acted as a technological consultant and have been developing R&D&I projects (Research&Development&Innovation) for companies in the composites sector for more than a decade now. Currently they have at their disposal a pilot plant to be used exclusively for the R&D of composite materials and their transformation processes (pultrusion, RTM, infusion, filament winding, etc.)

With the establishment of AESICOM, AIMPLAS also forms a part of EuCIA (European Composites Industries Association) to represent the Spanish reinforced plastics companies. The principal mission of EuCIA is to promote and represent the companies from the composites sector in Europe. To fulfil this objective EuCIA is formed by different national associations of the European member states. The principal objectives of the Spanish Association of Composites Manufacturers will be:

- Promote and represent on the European level the Spanish composites and reinforced plastics companies
- Defend their common interests
- Promote and strengthen the contacts between its members on the national level
- Exchange information, research and information of technical nature related to this activity through the creation of work groups and participation in national and international organizations and associations.
- Strengthen the competitiveness of the companies by means of technological research and innovation.
- Develop activities of interest for its associates, with the activities resulting in an improvement of the technological level of the companies from the sector and the attainment of a more favourable position.

The first dissemination activity has been AIMPLAS’ attendance at the EQUIPLAST and EXPOQUIMIA fairs in order to make known the objectives of the Association.

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