Composites Allow Australians to Climb New Heights

30 September 2005

Residents of Townsville in Australia are experiencing the joys of rock climbing along the waterfront thanks to a mobile rock climbing wall made from composites.

The wall is the first of its design to be installed in Australia at the Strand Park near Townsville city. Manufactured by Xtreme Peaks Pty Ltd, based in Townsville, the company have bought the Australian rights to the American design.

The semi-circular structure is 8 metres high, has five different routes of different difficulty and top rope attachment points.

CTG Chopped strand matting and HC gun rovings with Crystic 1036LSE polyester resin from Huntsman Composites were used in the manufacture of the mobile rock wall. The choice of composites means the intricate holds on the wall can be easily manufactured and also makes the structure, which is fully mobile, very light-weight. Since the wall is exposed to the elements and operates seven days a week from 1pm-9pm, the durability of composites is also an advantage.

Xtreme Peaks will be exporting the rock climbing wall to businesses around Australia as well as in Asia. The directors will be approaching schools to introduce rock climbing as part of the physical education program. Townsville Mayor, Tony Mooney has already requested that the Parks Services of the council investigate how the structure could be incorporated in other parks in Townsville.

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