CCP Introduce New Industry Solvents

23 September 2005

Cook Composites and Polymers (CCP) have introduced ResinX r-t-u, a new resin emulsifier, and redi-SCRUB, a reduced cost cleaning station.

Sold under the THERMACLEAN brand, CCP claim that the new product duo provides customers a safer, non-hazardous, environmentally sound cleaning solution for laminating tools. The longer-lasting ResinX r-t-u, packaged in 55-gallon drums or 5.5-gallon Hedpaks, comes ready-to-use. ResinX r-t-u also works without having to be heated.

The new redi-SCRUB user-friendly cleaning station, with a stainless steel design, is equipped with a knee-bar for hands-free on/off. There is no heating element, so employees are provided a safer work environment.

“The two new products give customers a safer choice,” said Suzanne Carter, CCP market manager for cleaners. “Unlike acetone and other hazardous solvents, ResinX r-t-u and redi-SCRUB are non-hazardous with a lower evaporation rate and reduced need for hazardous material disposal. The two products also decrease fire risk. It’s just a smart combination.”

ResinX r-t-u and redi-SCRUB will be unveiled at the upcoming American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA) tradeshow, Sept. 28-30, 2005 in Columbus, Ohio and The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), Oct. 19-21, 2005 in Miami Beach, Florida.

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