Quadrant Composites Applies Thermoplastics to Chrysler Crossfire Convertible

23 September 2005

Quadrant Plastic Composite have provided a lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) composite solution in developing a load floor/trunk separator component featured on the 2005 Crossfire roadster by DaimlerChrysler.

Degussa Joins AltusGroup to Develop Carbon Reinforced Concrete

23 September 2005

Degussa Admixtures, supplier to the precast concrete industry, has become an affiliate member of the CarbonCast precast technologyvdeveloper, AltusGroup, to further develop the use of carbon fibre in concrete.

AOC, DOW and Laxness Make Further Resin Prices Increases

23 September 2005

AOC Resins, Dow Europe and Laxness are to make increases in the price of resins for the European region.

Boeing Adds Composites Atlantic to 787 Dreamliner Team

23 September 2005

Composites Atlantic Limited, an EADS Sogerma Services company, has been selected by Boeing to fabricate the advanced composite diagonal brace for the 787 Dreamliner.

ACG Contribute to Second Abn Amro Volvo 70 Boat Launch

23 September 2005

Team ABN AMROs second Volvo 70 boat was recently launched with a revised manufacturing process which uses a laminated female carbon fibre mould tool.

UK Engineer Breaks Fuel-economy Record

21 September 2005

With fuel prices reaching an all time high, a car built by a Bath (UK) engineer has broken a British record for fuel economy in a recent eco-marathon held in Scotland.