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JEC Award Innovations in Chinese Composites Industry

09 September 2005

JEC have presented eight companies from the Chinese composites industry with awards which reward innovation in FRP composite products and processes.

IN order to recognise and promote composite innovations in China, the JEC Group signed an agreement with the CEE organization regarding a collaborative program of ""CCE 2005 - JEC Innovation Awards"" to promote the quality and innovation of Chinese FRP/composites products. 700 Chinese companies received the application form for the competition with a final eight winners being chosen by an international jury composed with members from the composites industry, trade associations, scientists, research and design institutes.

The 8 winners are:
Top Trim Assembly This part is fixed on the top of the SUV body, acting as the roof of the cross-country vehicle, and as the storage for baggage, and with the function of spoiling. The parts have been produced since June, 2005 with an output of 6500 pieces per year. This product is produced with RTM and PU combined structures. Beijing FRP Auto Parts Co., Ltd Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT) - Bumper beams, seat bases, helmet, auto plaque. It can be used for making more than forty auto parts such as frame work of bumper, instrument board, foot pedal, baggage shell, moulding boards for construction, seats, sports equipments, helmet, electric power, chemistry industry equipment, military industry product and etc. Put into production since August 2004 with capacity of 3000 tons per year. It has been used for bumper beams, seat bases, front end modules, instrument panel frames, battery trays, engine shielding hoods, pedal supports, door panels, rear parcel shelves, spare wheel wells and covers and more than 40 parts. Jiangsu Shuangliang Composites Material Co., Ltd FRP products by special low cost process and using recycled FRP waste For making kinds of FRP products like artificial stone, washing basin, FRP safety ceverers for wells, profiles, auto parts and flooring materials. Using recycling FRP waste (approx. 50% by weight), special process with low cost, low styrene emission, good environmental friendly technology. Beijing Bei An He FRP Products Factory 1MW Pitch Regulated and Variable Speed Wind Turbine Rotor Blade The rotor blade can be applied in large wind farm for electricity generation; it plays an important and positive role in solving energy crisis and environmental protection. The blade design was finished at the end of 2003, and the complete set of blades was produced successfully in October 2004 and has been installed at the Ying Kou wind farm. Shanghai FRP Research Institute Tube Shower for Stack Gas Desulphurization and in let Filter Screen of Pump for Absorbing Tower. The shower is used for replacing the same kind of imported products, it has complicated shape and structure with variable cross section and T conjunctions. It must meet high level of standards, so it is difficult to design and process. It is made through one step only. Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Corporation Electroforming Mould Strengthening the FRP mould surface by using electrotyping technology; promote the working life of the mould. Mainly for RTM moulds as well as for moulds for hand lay-off process, spry process and low-temperature low pressure SMC process. The working life of the mould has been much improved by the metal-composite layed electrotyped on the surface of the mould and enhanced rigidity by using composite sandwich structure. Composite Company Ltd. of Beijing FRP Research Institute SMC products with high electrical performance With excellent properties of fire-retarding, anti-electric arc, anti-electric leaking, waterproofing, the moulded SMC electric insulator are widely used high voltage electric insulation field. The products have complicated shapes with high dielectric loss and high electric strength. Composite Company Ltd., of Beijing FRP Research Institute Phenolic flame retarded light-weight composite / sandwich structure product With its characteristics of hard-to-burn, self-extinguish, low-toxic and low-smoke, no dripping and anti-flame-penetration in inflammation, the product is high-efficient, fire preventing, thermal and sound insulating, green ecological material. It could be widely used in the fields of national defense, construction, transportation, petrol-chemistry, for products such as fireproof doors, refrigerator carriages, construction walls, light-weight combination houses and pipeline insulation material. Aerospace Research Institute of Materials and Processing Technology

JEC are now accepting invitations for the 2006 CCC-JEC Innovation Awards with next years awards being held in Shanghai in September.

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