Six Teams Complete Projects for Composite Catapult Competition

22 April 2005

The six competing teams for EPTA's 2nd Composite Catapult Competition have each completed production of catapults made from composite materials.

The purpose of the Composite Catapult Competition is to expose students and tutors within the academic world to the opportunities of composite materials, and to provide practical experience in engineering the materials.

Visitors to the EPTA website can view the teams calculation and designs for the catapult, the procedure for launching the bowling ball, the materials list, and also the operating rules at the following links:

Black Bear Team - University of Maine, USA:
Cat-A-Pult Team (former UofA Wildcats Team) – University of Arizona, USA:
Earth Crisis Team – University of Windesheim, the Netherlands:
German Bowling Combo – University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany:
Lancaster Bombers– University of Lancaster, UK:
Virginia Tech Team – University of Virginia Tech, USA:

A short video of the test shoots (with minimum distance shot of 50 metres) will be shown on the particpants' websites after 1st June, before the competition starts in July 6 2005.

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