Amiantit Win Contracts to Export GRP Pipes to 13 Countries

10 June 2005

Amiantit has extended its global reach with new contracts produced from its three factories in Saudi Arabia to supply 13 countries with its patented GRP pipes and storage tanks.

The three Amiantit manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia: Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Limited (AFIL) in Dammam, FPC in Dammam and Amitech in Jeddah, completed exports to 13 countries, with other orders including GRP pipes and fittings worth SAR 48.75 million to Iran and GRP storage tanks worth SAR 37.5 million manufactured in India

The orders were for Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes of various diameters for water and waste water infrastructure projects and included 10km to Syria, 5km to Morganti, Jordan, 3km to Sabiyah, Kuwait, 3km to Sudan, 2km to Sohar, Oman, 2km to Yemen and 1.5km to Zawia, Libya.

“While Saudi Arabia remains our biggest single market, export orders are becoming more and more substantial and their combined volume adds up to an increasingly important part of our business.” said Eng. Fareed Al-Khalawi, Amiantit President & CEO. “

In addition, AFIL Dammam has supplied the Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA) with SAR 48.75 million ($13 million) worth of pipes and fittings. SADRA is one of Iran’s biggest off-shore contracting companies and has the contract to provide utility services to the Assuluya based petrochemical industries.

The project will supply sea water for cooling which is transported through an open channel to a pumping station and then through a 12 km network of GRP pipes to the industrial complex. Steel pipes were originally specified but following a detailed technical scrutiny and evaluation world wide, GRP was selected and AFIL was awarded the design, review, engineering, supply and supervision of the piping network.

Another Amiantit manufacturing facility, Amiantit Fibreglass Industries India Ltd. (AFIIL), is currently servicing an order for GRP underground storage tanks from Reliance Industries, India’s largest private sector refinery and petrochemical company. Reliance has a programme to establish nearly 5800 retail outlets over a five year period. Between January 2004, when the AFIIL plant in Goa, India was commissioned, and March 2005, Amiantit India supplied some 2000 GRP tanks in configurations of 20, 40 and 70 kl. Then, last month when Reliance had a sudden requirement for more tanks to be delivered within a short time frame, they ordered an additional 2000 GRP tanks. The total contract is worth SAR 37.5 ($10 million) out of which more than SAR 28 million ($7.5 million) worth of tanks is for delivery during 2005.

GRP products are manufactured using Amiantit-owned Flowtite technology and are corrosion free, strong, lightweight, and cost effective due to easy installation and minimal maintenance.

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