Vestas to Build New Research and Development Centre in Denmark

03 June 2005

The world's leading manufacturer of wind power systems is to build new technology centres in Aarhus, Denmark and in Asia, as part of the company's R&D activities.

The new 12,500 square metre high-end technology centre will be built on a 25,000 square meter site in Skejby. In time the company said that the centre will create up to 500 high technology jobs.

""Above all, it is this unique position we wish to protect and improve with the two new technology centres,"" says Ditlev Engel, President and CEO of Vestas.

Vestas also mentioned that plans are afoot for a similar technology centre in Asia, although the exact location has yet to be decided.

""The fact that a Danish company has come to play a global role as the world's undisputed market leader in relatively few years is an accomplishment in itself. But we cannot allow ourselves to rest on the laurels; the competition is extremely fierce. A few years back, Vestas mainly worked with rather small wind turbines and customers, whereas today focus on the very large players in the market. Therefore it is essential for us to emphasise that our market position is not only about the number of wind turbines sold and mounted, but just as much about our technological capabilities. The two new centres will be the irrefutable proof of that, hopefully to the delight of the employees who will be working there,"" says Ditlev Engel.

Vestas expect to initiate the Aarhus construction later this year. The Group already owns a large site with a significant location facing Randersvej, where the new technology centre will be built.

Ditlev Engel added that ""..the technology centre in Aarhus will undoubtedly become one of the most attractive high-tech work places in this part of the world; we want it to be both enjoyable and challenging to be with us"".

Further details on the kind of materials being researched at the new centre was not provided.

The Vestas Group also received an order for 36 units of V90-3.0 MW wind turbines for an offshore project to be located 10 - 18 kilometres off the Dutch coast at Egmond aan Zee. The project is a turnkey project and will be supplied by Vestas in collaboration with the Dutch offshore construction company Ballast Nedam.

NoordzeeWind, a joint venture between Shell and the Dutch power company Nuon, has placed the order, and the project will be the first large offshore project for both companies. Construction of the wind power plant will begin in November 2005, and commercial operation is scheduled to take place during the fourth quarter of 2006.

""The project is the result of a long and positive collaboration between Shell and Nuon, Ballast Nedam, the Dutch government and Vestas for the development of offshore power plants,"" says Ditlev Engel, President and CEO of Vestas Wind Systems A/S and continues: ""Until now, the major offshore projects have been built in UK and Denmark, and it is very satisfactory that the first offshore project is now on its way in the Netherlands.""

The 108 MW offshore power plant will generate enough electricity to cover the annual electricity consumption of more than 100,000 Dutch households.

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