GE Advanced Materials Selects Schneller to Co-develop Interior Rail Structures

14 January 2005

GE Advanced Materials has selected Schneller, manufacturer of engineered decorative laminates, to co-develop new grades of Indura GTform decorative laminate for interior rail applications formed with a Azdel Rail-Lite composite.

Azdel Rail-Lite composite is a low-pressure, thermoformable, lightweight composite sheet that exhibits improved flame, smoke, toxicity and heat-release properties. It has been designed to help deliver robust performance in combination with reduced weight and enhanced safety for a broad range of interior components for the global rail industry.

Interior rail structures formed with the new high-performance Azdel Rail-Lite composite can now harness the benefits that Schneller's Indura GTform decorative laminate can help provide, such as enhanced 3D formability, improved durability and excellent stain, solvent, and graffiti resistance.

Like Azdel Rail-Lite composite, Indura GTform decorative laminate also meets strict regulatory standards for low flame, smoke, and toxicity. Indura GTform decorative laminate - using a tough, graffiti-resistant fluoropolymer surface layer - lends itself to many of the interior rail applications GE is targeting with Azdel Rail-Lite composite.

These include window masks, ceiling panels, seat backs, arm rests, tray tables, stow bins, luggage racks, valances and partitions.

""Azdel Rail-Lite composite and Indura GTform decorative laminate represents two materials technologies from two global industry leaders that may offer tremendous potential to rail industry OEMs"", said Benny David, Global Industry Manager of Transportation Composites, GE Advanced Materials.

""The potential of this new material for the interior rail sector may now be greatly multiplied by helping to give designers greater flexibility to create new high-performance, aesthetically pleasing components"".

Matthew Miklos, General Manager for Schneller's Transportation Products Group concurs. ""We have essentially thrown the door open to a wide range of application development possibilities through the greater design options the two materials technologies can help provide. These complementary materials may offer a potential solution to the interior rail segment that goes beyond other currently available products”.

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