Resin Systems Award McClean Anderson Composite Pole Development Contract

17 December 2004

Resin Systems Inc. has awarded a contract to McClean Anderson to build a production cell for the production of its RStandard modular composite utility poles.

The contract will require McClean Anderson to build and commission a complete ""next generation"" production cell for the production of RSI's RStandard modular composite utility poles. McClean Anderson will design, manufacture, install, commission and test the complete production cell which will incorporate RSI's existing filament winding technologies along with the proven strength and robustness of McClean Anderson's filament winding equipment.

Further details on the production cell will was not available from McClean Anderson at the time of writing.

Apart from Filament Winding, Resin Systems composite poles can also be manufactured using several other processes including Pultrusion, Centrifugal Casting and Resin Infusion (RTM). The goal of all these processes is to place and secure a reinforcing fibre in the desired form of the pole.

RStandard Poles are manufactured using a zero VOC resin, with the finished product requiring no chemical treatment, has no potential for leaching of hazardous chemicals or VOCs into the environment. In addition to the ""Stronger, Lighter, Greener"" properties of RStandard Poles, they offer significant lifecycle cost benefits making them an ideal product for the growing utilities industry.

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