Plasticon to Develop 100% Recycled Composites

29 November 2004

Plasticon International, following it’s acquisition of Xylox, aims to develop new rubber/plastic composites using 100% recycled material.

Details of the proposed development follow recently announced acquisition plans to acquire XyloX of North America, Inc., a company that produces thermoplastic elastomers from crumb rubber and scrap plastic.

The acquisition has prompted Plasticon International to successfully sample the proprietary XyloX material in several of its rebar support moulds.

""All rebar support strength exceeded our expectations with the use of this recycled resin,"" stated James Turek, President of Plasticon International.

""The further testing and evaluation of XyloX material for utilization in the production of plastic lumber, fencing and packaging will continue. If this testing meets or exceeds our requirements for these products, we will have a superior product with significant cost advantages.

""This anticipated additional revenue resulting from the savings realized from the use of this new material looks as if it will be substantial. We're looking for the XyloX acquisition to contribute positively to our bottom line and profits,"" Turek concluded.

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