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Yokohama Rubber Begins Shipment to Airbus for Use in Mass-produced A380 Aircrafts

23 September 2004

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., is to commence shipping water/waste tanks for use in the first mass-produced A380 ultra-high capacity aircraft of Airbus.

Singapore Airlines will use the aircraft. For Yokohama Rubber - exclusive supplier of water/waste tanks - this is the first shipment of its products to Airbus.

The two kinds of tanks are made with lightweight, highly strong CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) material using numerous layers of epoxy resin-impregnated carbon fibre. These tanks are integrated into the Water & Waste System module of Monogram System Inc. of the United States and delivered to Airbus.

With 555 passenger seats, the A380 is the world’s first full twin-deck, super-large aircraft scheduled to enter service in 2006 after its planned maiden flight in the spring of 2005. Airbus has already received orders for 139 A380 aircrafts. Chosen as the exclusive supplier of the water/waste tanks for the A380, Yokohama Rubber plans to begin delivering the tanks for other A380 aircrafts at a later date. An A380 uses six to eight water tanks and four waste tanks.

Yokohama Rubber is a leading company in the Japanese aircraft components industry, manufacturing a variety of aircraft components made with rubber, metal or composite materials.

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